Having spent my second year volunteering as a staff member for the Pikes Peak Challenge, I had the chance to work a different station this year than last.  Last year I was at the 16 Golden Stairs which is almost at the top of the mountain.  This year I got to work the beginning of the hike and both experiences gave me different perspectives about this event and what it takes to make it successful.  A big shout out should be given to members of the Search and Rescue team (SAR) and all of the civilian volunteers who gave so graciously of their time.  The fact that so many people who have never worked together were able to seamlessly participate in making this event safe was an honor to be a part of.   The result of everyone’s work was a successful event on a beautiful early fall day.  This event is a major source of funding for the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC) and if  you aren’t familiar with them please go to their website and support them in their mission to advocate on behalf of survivors of traumatic brain injuries.