Child Custody

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We recognize that for parents, nothing is more important than protecting  your child’s future and making sure that they are provided for physically, emotionally and financially.  Our attorneys have years of experience assisting parents through cases where the future of your children’s lives are at stake.  We fight for your rights as a parent.

If you are going through the process of having a court decide how much parenting time you have with your child, how much you will pay or receive in child support, or the decisions you can make on behalf of your child (known as allocation of parental responsibilities), call us today for a free consultation.  We offer low retainers as well as payment plans to ensure that almost everyone can have access to justice and have their voices heard in court through strong, professional  representation.

If you would like to represent yourself in an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities action, we strongly encourage you to visit the Colorado Court’s website at Go to the “Forms” and “Self-Help” sections of the website for information on the process of an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities case.

If you have questions regarding an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities case, you may also visit our Resources page and get information on:

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