Choosing an Insurance Company

The first thing you should know is that not all insurance companies are created equal.  We obviously deal with different insurers all of the time on behalf of our clients, and while some of them are very good, others can be extremely difficult to deal with.  So for the consumer, the question is how do you choose which insurance company you want to entrust with your money, well being and health?

The best advice we can give is simply to be an informed consumer.  A few years ago Ken and I were doing research on a particular insurance company and we found that there are a lot of sites on the internet which provide a wealth of information on insurance companies with information ranging from their financial health to getting reviews by other consumers regarding their experiences.  It may require a little time on your part, but if you get into a collision it will be time well spent if you aren’t having to fight your own insurer in order to get fairly compensated.  A good place to start?  I simply went to Google and typed in the search phrase “insurance company ratings” which gave me multiple sites to explore.  The only caution I would give is to pay attention and look for sites that are independent of the insurance industry.