lawyer meeting with a client to discuss her case

It Can be Intimidating

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I would feel if I were looking for an attorney online. I’m not sure that I would feel there is a huge amount of information provided by any of us (outside of legal information in the form of articles) that makes any of us less scary from the perspective of a possible client. Then there is the stress of maybe calling an office and instead of just answering a question, the person on the other end of the line wants to take a bunch of information from you. I imagine that the process is very intimidating and people constantly wonder whether they are making the right decision when they hire any attorney. And let’s not get started on the reputation that attorneys have of being heartless, or maybe you’ve heard of those insane sounding lawsuits that make you wonder how honest the legal system is.

Information We Ask For is Necessary

First, as to people taking a lot of information, unfortunately that is necessary for many reasons including things like how long it has been since the wreck you were in, occurred. Information like this helps us to determine how long you have to make a claim before you lose that right (called a statute of limitation – see my prior blog here). I can tell you that when we ask this information in my office, it is so I can provide the best information to you possible in the most efficient fashion, because we understand time is limited.

Our Contact Form

With regard to the intimidation aspect, I have a solution/suggestion for you. If you go to our website (assuming you are not reading this post from there already) at and go to our “Contact” page, there is a contact form (or just click here). If you would like to fill out that form (it’s pretty basic as far as information) and give me a brief description of questions you might have and the event that caused your injuries, that form goes directly to me and I generally try to answer questions for folks via a return email. I try to make this simple so that you don’t feel that intimidation/pressure factor. Perhaps I can give you some information that will help you deal with the situation, or let you know if your situation calls for legal assistance (no, not all wrecks require an attorney).