I get asked this question a lot when potential clients are talking to me and I always tell folks the same thing: I can’t tell a person how long it will take to finalize their personal injury claim because each case is different and the timing of everything is entirely dependent upon the client’s injuries, treatment and healing.

In minor cases, this could be a matter of a few months before we can proceed forward in working to settle the claim. In more complex matters, I’ve had clients treating for years to overcome their injuries because of their severity. In situations like that, the thing we always have to keep in mind is the statute of limitations which would not allow filing a lawsuit if the time had passed. So what it comes down to is that the amount of time that it will take to settle a person’s case depends entirely upon how they recover from their injuries. In worst case scenarios, we’ve even had to file a lawsuit to protect the client and then work to finalize the case once we are able to go to mediation, which is usually months after a lawsuit is filed.