Ken and I recently helped sponsor and attended the Brain Injury Association of Colorado’s convention here in Colorado Springs on October 20th and 21st. We also made a presentation at the conference with Dr. Anthony Ricci, Ph.D, on the professionals that can be involved in the presentation of a mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) case to insurance adjusters and juries. Mild TBI is probably the most difficult of all cases to present. While the medical terminology uses the word “mild” there is nothing mild about such an injury. Most often, survivors of mild TBI do not have any obvious physical injuries which a jury or insurance adjuster can observe with their eyes. Survivors are often quite capable of speaking clearly and appearing normal to the outside world. It is the loved ones and friends who recognize the differences in people who have suffered such an injury. Medical science is often not helpful either. Testing such as X-rays, CT scans or MRI’s generally do not pick up any signs of mild TBI. However, the injured person is quite aware that they can no longer do things that were simple prior to the accident. That is why it was such a pleasure to attend this conference. We met survivors of mild TBI from across the state, and to say that these people were all amazing is an understatement. They can all tell you of the extreme hardships they have experienced in dealing with these difficult injuries. But what was most amazing was the sheer strength of will each of them had to push forward and survive no matter how difficult the road before them. It was a most humbling experience to say the least. Our thanks to the Brain Injury Association of Colorado for an enlightening series of lectures. We also highly recommend the BIAC as a worthy charity for all. Their website can be found at