People are often hesitant to call an attorney after they have been in a car wreck or had a work injury. They seem to think that there will be a fee for the attorney’s time or that they will be pressured to sign a contract when they don’t feel comfortable doing so. We talk to a lot of people who call our office seeking information about what their rights and responsibilities are following a collision. It’s not unusual for us to talk to people about their situation and give them suggestions for how they can go forward themselves. People are often surprised when we do this, but they shouldn’t be. Ken and I believe that helping people, whether as their attorneys or by providing information, is part of the privilege of practicing law. We see it as part of giving back to our community. Now obviously there are many cases that we would never suggest a person try and settle themselves. Often, the best thing a person can do for themselves is to focus on getting better and healing. But regardless of whether you can help yourself or need legal representation, there’s only one way to find out. Give us a call.