The short answer to this question is yes.  And it doesn’t just happen in big cases.  One of the most common areas that we see surveillance conducted by insurance companies is Worker’s Compensation cases.  So what is the purpose?  The goal is to catch injured folks doing something that can be spun as being inconsistent with the injuries they claim to have suffered.  The majority of times I have seen it conducted, the result is video footage that can put one to sleep, not cause concern that someone is faking an injury.  So what’s the harm you might ask? When a person is trying to recover from injuries caused through no fault of their own, it’s bad enough to spend an immense amount of time seeing doctors and putting up with the healthcare system.  It does nothing but add insult to injury to have some stranger point a video camera at you, follow you, sit in a car outside your home, watching your family, making you feel like you are a criminal.